Setting Sail

Why? Where? How? Why? wait, which one did I miss?….and What. Ok, cool. Well, I have been writing for years. It started mainly my last year in high school, and I really dove into writing daily during college, especially during classes…you know the whole trick where you are hoping the professor thinks you are taking notes, but in reality, you are writing about how bored you are or about the brown shoes he is wearing with black pants.

I found it interesting to go back and read entries and found a lot of concerns, ideas, or questions, answered and in a way I never imagined. It is almost like when you reread a book or watch a movie over again and you find something new or realize something different. That is how it was with my journals.

It became so much fun explaining in great detail my strange experiences of my life to my roommates and friends in college–what do I mean? Ya, so the punchline of my life pretty much as told to me so many times is “life will never be boring with Laura.” Many of my stories sound unbelievable, so when telling them, people do not believe them unless they really know me or have at least been “prepped” (as in a friend explains about me before their guest meets me, yes that happens).

Having my journal helps relive those funny moments of my life and well, to be honest, I did not start thinking of my journal as an exposé, rather, just a therapeutical way to release so much energy from my head. ha, I know, but you know, just a lot of thoughts out in air and like Dumbledore puts his thoughts in a magical bowl to avoid being overwhelmed, I put mine in a journal. I was never embarrassed of my entries because I literally wrote the thoughts in my head and what happened that day–it is just what it is. So if a pigeon hit my face, it just did (side story, yes that happened).

After I met my best friend’s roommate my last year as an undergraduate, I started reading to him some of my entries, and I realized how much I enjoyed making him laugh, and it was effortless. I literally was just reading what I wrote two years ago or a year ago or even a month ago–I never saw my journal as just a personal safely-kept secret, I thought why not just have other people laugh or think what they want to think about my day and stories–bad or good. I don’t care–it is what it is.

As for Diva David, the name of my blog? Ya, David is my little brother. He’s my favorite and best little brother. I have an older brother as well, and he is my favorite and best older brother. So, that makes me the middle child–poor, lonely, forgotten, middle child. Don’t worry, thanks to both my loving brothers and parents, they made me the most divalicious princess one can ever imagine–definitely, daddy’s little girl. Ya, it’s that bad, but at least I admit it and have always admitted. I even flaunt the fact of how spoiled my brothers and father have treated me my whole life to their faces and ask why? So, it’s not like I begged–it was just given. ha. My brothers are probably shaking their heads right now as they are reading this, but I know they love me so much–it is what it is.

David and I have so many experiences together around the world and he actually believes my unique stories because he happens to be trapped in them, unfortunately for him. And, I still have not explained the name…I felt like I raised David in high school, you know, driving him everywhere, telling him what to wear, social stuff, etc. So when I left him for college and visited him in college, I knew it would bite me in the butt…I made him like me…a diva.

It is nothing private, but David and I fight everyday. everyday. I mean everyday. But in a brotherly loving kind of way, with an extra dosage of sass, which creates great outlets for bonding, strangely enough. We fight because, well, we are both divas, we are confident enough towards each other to share opinions or say no to an outfit. Overall, it means the world to me that my little brother has always asked me questions, and shows so much respect for me, that I cannot think of a better way to describe myself and this blog with any other title but—“Diva David” by me.

So now, instead of writing in my paperback, gold journal that has printed on the front “dream big, sparkle more, shine bright” (I know, diva), I am happy to be writing to the world to make people laugh a little more, think a little more, and connect a little better.

P.S. the picture is David and I in Japan–ya, we both have to be captain, or in other words, we both have to win.

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