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From the Archives: Spain’s Victim

Again note: I understand & apologize for the poor writing, grammar, and punctuation skills.–*written in the past, unedited, from my journals, put in public for thoughts & laughter.” 

February 21, 2013

So I guess I’m totally zoned out because the teacher is speaking Spanish & I’m writing in English…or I have discovered something fantastic haha…I can “speak/listen/think” in both languages simultaneously! Ya, I know, talent right? hehe.

I’m in “Antropología del Diseño” & it’s 3 hrs long…I wake up at 7:30 & dreeeaaadddd going. It takes me 1 hour to get to school to make it on time at 9 am. And ya, I arrive dead.

I don’t know what’s going on. I sometimes just want to laugh. The teacher, Luis Mayo, asks questions (interacts with the students) to every student in the class; he goes down the roll. And yesterday he calls my name & haha asks me about something & he sees the look on my face & asks if I knew what “even the word was” & shook my head..not a word, & I was saved by someone else answering…I was like wow haha; everyone else give like Nobel Peace Price/Newton answers, and I…just shake my head like a retard. Well whatever, story of my life…

The professor is just asking away, going down the list & I’m just dreading the second he calls “Andrea Fraga”…talking aloud something about a crib & beds?

9:42…2 more hours…sometimes I forget I’m in Madrid.

Ok, good he called “Beatriz” not me. woo.

AAaaaa…Alejandro! wooh! not Andrea! that was close.

This is actually really helping, bring my journal to this class. It’s weird how the brain works–it’s incredible…ok…Leticia! wooh! wow, I like live in constant fear in this class–that he’ll call my name. haha

really?! 10:02! ohhhh myyyy gosshhh…I am LITERALLY DYING!!!

it’s ok Laura, keep writing. it will help.

Afterthought now in 2017:

Wow, talk about dramatic. This entry was the first week of school in Madrid. Obviously, a little culture shock in a social aspect and nervous. I had visited Spain before, years and years ago as a child, but as a tourist…now I’m living the life of a Spanish student.

I encourage you to write your thoughts down, even as boring as mine. I promise the stories get better. 

Photo: taken after class weeks later in the teacher’s office waiting to explain our bad grade on the first test…

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