Myspace: top 2 friends on my profile

I said this blog was a lifestyle blog from the beginning, which is more than just a page to write opinions or stories, for posting cute recipes (which I will never do because my cooking experiences are epically disastrous), & more than just posting cute outfits, hoping for a million instagram likes. There are more not-so-glamourous things a person does on a day-to-day basis. People have to cook, we brush our teeth, we have stringy, sweaty hair after a good workout, we have shoe disasters in the closet, we have go to the gas station where someone creepy will most likely stop and ask you for money change, & more not-so-fun parts of everyday life, like cleaning our abodes. My man-cave is I guess kind of girly, simple, but lively–at least I hope so. Keeping plants alive is not my strongest suit…but I try. You can see where I spilled the pot outside of my door…because…well…that’s me.

So, here are a few pictures of my house–well, it’s basically one room with a bathtub. Yes, I live in a tiny studio, but I make the best out of it. Leo (my weenie dog) & Toulouse (my cat) are my roommates and are great hosts to all my friends.

As you can see in the pictures, the assets I always have in my habitat are the following:

  1. Vogue on display (on the shelf above the couch)–I have the Vogue coloring book. I would suggest…no, I would encourage, strongly from the bottom of my tiny, empty heart to buy it…it’s utterly divine.
  2. An orchid (because I have a bet with myself every year to keep one alive for at least a year…let’s see how 2017 goes…I already see the petals falling…)
  3. Plants in general…especially in a city where trees are seen less & Tex-mex restaurants are built within 24 hours on every corner.
  4. Fish…as you can see I have two modern aquariums above the kitchen shelving.
  5. Big mirror–this is how I judge my body like Kim Kardashian…just kidding, but really…I watch myself stretch or practice dance, which, is always a hot mess.
  6. Litter box…as you can see the huge plant in the corner by the TV…ya, that’s actually a litter box. The opening is in the back.
  7. Some kind of citrus candle
  8. My piano, no matter how tiny my place is…I can’t live without it.

Enjoy! Feel free to laugh!


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