93 Days of Summer: My Turquoise Heels


Yes, that’s mud on my heels, worn out, but with many memories. My lifestyle is active, and I actually walk, walking the streets of Mexico, Florida, and Vienna with these Steve Madden Turquoise heels, which I got half-off.

I found these babies as I was walking down the magnificent streets of what seems like gold to me at Northpark on a cold, wintery day that only demanded a day of shopping inside the cozy, welcoming walls of the glorious Dallas mall, the mall I visited on a monthly basis when I was growing up in Tyler, Texas.

All eyes on me, ok…well, I mean all the mannequin eyes on me, greeting me, and telling me to walk in the store to see the wonderful views, including views of price tags cut in half, displayed scarves lined in different colors on hangers, bikinis put up on mannequins for visitors to acknowledge summer is coming, so save up your bank accounts and go to the gym because you’ll be back in a couple months.

As for the blouse from Zara, well I walked in to get a simple white button down for an event, and at the checkout line, as I have studied in my MBA courses from the past, the typical impulse buy…that was me, so I came out of the store with a white shirt, just a tad bit different, with a vest cover look and bow-tied sleeves ending in foldable cuffs.

Eh, and as for the skirt I got in Mexico. I don’t really fall for patterns, but sometimes you just find them in your closet. It just happens.

Thanks for reading this boring post, but I had to describe why I wore this outfit to watch the ballet performance at the Latino Cultural Center. Fun night with my favorite heels.

All to say, think about where the shoes you have on right now have been and think about the memories.


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