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93 Days of Summer: Who Says Lace is Only For Undergarments?

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty beat up in this picture. From the start of the blog, I mentioned it was and is a lifestyle blog–meaning everything is genuine, hoping to share thoughts with others and laugh a little more. All to say, from afar you see a simple outfit, just two colors, and a simple ponytail. Come a little closer and you start seeing the pieces of the puzzle–a lace blouse, high-waisted zipper shorts, casual sandal heels, and as always, earrings. Then you realize that only my big toe on each foot has faded turquoise nail polish (yes, as in I have not had a pedicure in like 6 decades), bruises on my right knee, calves, and upper part of my left leg—because I obviously do not know how to gracefully fall out of a couple pirouettes before a struggling leap to somehow roll onto the floor in dance class. Even more, my hair had just come out of a bun from ballet class earlier that morning, so it was frizzy and fabulously, not fabulously curly. My hands are wet because I just washed my hands from picking up my dog’s urine that he kindly left at the entrance of the door. Great life. But…an active life. A lifestyle I try to continue sharing.


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