Through the Broken Glass 

So as you’ve seen in my first post about my studio apartment and what it looked like, you will find a big, tall mirror with white framing. I’ve moved apartments three weeks ago, by the way! House warming party soon! Anyway, I love that mirror. I got it on sale and when I put it in my car, well I guess, stuffed it in my car is a more accurate description, I was so proud. I know the worth of these mirrors–pricey, but worth it. I use the big mirror to watch myself stretch, practice dance routines, see if my hair flips are getting a little bit sassier, watch to see if my facial expressions are not getting more awkward, and if my splits have pointed toes. All of which I’m not sure if I’ve improved–but I try. I remember having Friends in the background on Netflix, some bootylicious song by Jlo turned on, and my Fiji water to my right–the norm.

Well, sorry for the long, boring introduction, but I wanted to make sure it was understood how much this mirror means to me–well…meant.

I was in bed, trying to go to sleep, I was almost there, I was already seeing Ryan Gosling and chocolate under a tree with my named carved on the trunk, and bam! I jumped out of bed (and out of the fantastic dream), and there’s my huge mirror crashed and scattered all over the living room floor of which one could see the couch arm cut through the middle of the mirror like a knife to the heart. I looked down, then saw my dog, then my cat…my dog runs into his crate…”I’ll worry about it in the morning.” (Yes, they were rolling around fighting and hit the mirror)

The next morning, I woke up, and walked out to the living room. What?! It’s true. It wasn’t a dream…shards of glass scattered and the big mirror frame falling apart. One of my best friends comes to me and says, “it’s time to clean it up.”

Me: “are you sure?”

As I saw my dog wagging his tail, and his big, brown eyes staring at me, I sighed.

As my best friend is sweeping around to get a million tiny pieces that had reached all the way to the door, I bent down and started picking up pieces I thought looked pretty and putting them in a box, not the trash. He looked at me and instead of saying how ridiculous I was, he bent down and started helping me find the unique, pretty pieces, as well.

I told him I could make something out of this.

Again, I was a little surprised he did not give me a “you’re weird, don’t waste your time” remark, but instead kept helping me find pieces.

He would tell me “watch out, that piece is too dangerous.

Throw this one away, it’s not pretty, it won’t look good.

Look, this one is cool, here.

What about this one?”

This is how a person’s life can be described. God has a beautiful mirror, you, and it shatters by sometimes variables that are uncontrollable or at least seem to be, and it shatters to far places. To me, I was sad that what I thought was useful and beautiful was just instantly gone, but God knows the value of the mirror. He starts picking up beautiful pieces and puts them aside to make something even more beautiful.

He takes out the pieces that are too dangerous, parts of my life that bring danger to my lifestyle and affect my decisions in a negative way. Then He picks out the pieces that cover up the beauty–pieces He says are ugly in my life, pieces I don’t need so I can look more radiant. He starts sweeping away the pieces of glass that seem to affect places so far away, all the way to the door, just like all the way to the beginning of this stage in life. He keeps the beautiful, unique pieces and throws away the ugly and dangerous.

When I may even want to hold on to the broken past, He says it’s time, and picks up the box of ugly and harmful–throws it away–forever.

I texted my human father (hehe), residing in Texas. I told him what had happened a day after–like if I didn’t want to admit what happened or just ashamed. He responded, “it’s ok, it happens, I’ve been through the same, buy a new one, I’ll help you.”

That’s exactly what our Heavenly Father says to us everyday.

As for my friend who helped me pick up the broken pieces, let’s remember to appreciate the people in our lives. Some people we may not even notice how they affect our life until they are gone. Let’s not be blinded and disregard those who care about us.

God will always help you if you ask, He will always be there if you allow Him, and He will always protect you from harm if you trust Him. No matter what, He sees you as a valuable gem and a beautiful creature of love.

What’s your definition of beauty and value?

P.S. Don’t forget to laugh a little more.

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