10 Minutes to Walk Out the Door

In this day in age, ladies rule most of the world. Ok, well maybe that’s not entirely true, but close, right? I have so much respect for the awesome bloggers who teach so much about makeup technique, ideas, and diversity.

I know I am not the only lady in the world, who accidentally clicks the snooze on the phone a little too much, and before I know it, I only have ten minutes to get out that door and conquer the world.

Here is my quick 10 minute get-ready routine, and maybe it can help some people! 

IMG_1290 After you wash your face and put on some spf face cream (I use @alba face wash and @cantalunamx spf face cream):

1. Face (I only use powders): @janeiredalepowder foundation (I use amber) @bareminerals faux tan bronzer @bareminerals soft blush, color: rouge




2. Eyes@naked_eyeshadow_palette (naked 2 urban decay) gold on the lid, dark tones curve. Mascara: @lancome hyponose drama black & eyeliner @stila liquid black





3. Lips@burtsbees 100% natural lipgloss color: summer twilight 245

4. Hair: I don’t use hairspray very often, but I love this brand Argan Magic for lightweight flexible hold (paraben-Free and humidity resistant) and of course a good old fashion straightener (I only twist the top part of my hair from the root and stop wrapping my hair around the straightener about 1” before the tip to give the wispy look.

Timed: 9 min & 23 seconds!
I’m not a beauty expert so give me tips, por favor!

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