iMy name is Laura Andrea Fraga (the long name? because repetitive names are a thing in Mexico).

I am a Phd business psychology student. I have an MBA and an undergraduate in Human Sciences with concentrations in interior design, management, & Spanish.

I’ve had epilepsy for nine years and still do not know why I have them, but I only say this not for people to feel sorry for me, rather, because having this condition or what society may call “a weakness” is a struggle and a challenge, but challenges are what make life vibrant, and I hope to encourage others to live with adventure. I love challenges…to see what one can overcome…what goals can be accomplished…what dreams can be made reality…so my hand goes out to everyone who face epilepsy–there is only one way to face the challenge…to face life with courage…before anyone else tells you how to feel or what to do.

As for what I do? Carpe diem, I guess. I do a little bit of everything; I have long term dreams and goals, but I live day by day trying to get a little bit done here and there the best I can. I am a professional pianist, a designer (especially with jewelry, so check out my stuff launching soon!), a dancer (so check out my videos), a world traveler, fashionista, and literature enthusiast. As for dancing, My amazing mentors, Stephen McMaryion and Megan Storey (amazing dancers) help challenge myself in more than just dancing, but also in all aspects of life.

I have a weenie dog, Leo (insta: leonidus_thepiebaldweenie), and a cat, Toulouse, so hopefully I please both worlds of cat and dog lovers.

I have two amazing brothers, and obviously, you all know David because of the title of my blog. Both my brother, David & I, are actors & models. We love the challenges and the unexpected jobs the industry entails.

What am I doing with this blog? I want to share my life with you–sounds dramatic and something said in wedding vows, but to sum it up, really…I hope to get feedback, bad or good, and connect!

Oh, and I love Vogue.

I think one can get to know someone faster by knowing their favorite things:

Favorite color: any shade of blue, especially turquoise

Favorite flower: Tiger lily or red daisies

Favorite food: dark chocolate

Favorite book: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Favorite movie: I’m sorry but it’s a tie between Princess Diaries & Mean Girls.

Favorite TV show: Friends…and if only one day I could meet the cast…