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Happy 4th of July-Are We Standing Strong Today?

I know it’s the fifth of July, but I was wanting to spend my fourth hanging out with my brother, Leo, and friends eating an all-american hamburger, being outside, and playing board games to end the night with wine-because we’re old. Just kidding, we are all in our twenties, but anyway…

After going through my documents in my google docs of previous essays, case studies, and other research I had done for school about economics & politics, only because I was looking for my most recent resume, I realized something very sad.

I was in the car discussing with my brother about this sad thought. To reassure my thought, I was scrolling through twitter, facebook, and instagram…even more sad.

I turned to him and asked “don’t you think we are the weakest country right now?”

I think the American people are weak right now, but I am hopeful, which is why I also join in the president of the United States saying “let’s make America great again!” Why do I say all this, and will I get many attacks about this post?

If this was truly a free country, I should not. I welcome opinions and feedback, though, there is a difference. I see all over social media and the news, slander about people feeling disrespected, put down, and discriminated? What and why?

I am confused. Americans are saying yes to freedom of speech, so they preach what they want to preach, but when they do start opinionating, they feel oppression and get called out–and the complaining starts or the fighting. All lives matter.

I believe there are extremists, who can elevate something so valiantly fought for into something dangerous; however, instead of complaining about politics, go vote. Instead of hiding behind mobile devices and cyberbullying the leaders of America, go sacrifice privacy, be ready for constant public scrutiny, rumors, and threats if you get elected for ANY position in the United States.

I am not saying who I voted for or names, but I will say I support my country. I support the United States. It is embarrassing when I travel the world, and I have to explain to people asking me about where the American loyalty lies and if we will have a civil war again. Why turn against each other?

Many people do not even know who their state senator is or what their views are currently.

Instead of following up on the next meme, flash news on a magazine, or a public television station that is funded by people who have certain opinions—think for yourself. Yes, I think everyone should have opinions, but they should know why they believe in what they believe, not just because a crowd suggests it or even family.

I am an advocate for many different things and have many opinions. As a minority, I feel especially blessed to be in this country and try in all my power to participate.

Years ago, I was offered many times to be a part of an ethnic-specific sorority, but I chose to be in a sorority open to all–I did not want to segregate myself. Just an example of what Americans do to themselves at a young age.

Are you a true American? Vote. Many people do not have that option in their country. Unite, don’t make fun of people. How does putting down a first lady’s outfit or speech all over social media prove to the world how strong America is? How does making fun of our leaders promote strength, courage, and sacrifice that the men and women who serve our country promote, laying down their lives?

Either go vote, enlist, research, think for yourself, and support, regardless of mixed opinions, by doing so, you are fighting for our country. You can be a leader.

Let’s make America great again. Unite for the big picture and support.



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93 Days of Summer: Who Says Lace is Only For Undergarments?

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty beat up in this picture. From the start of the blog, I mentioned it was and is a lifestyle blog–meaning everything is genuine, hoping to share thoughts with others and laugh a little more. All to say, from afar you see a simple outfit, just two colors, and a simple ponytail. Come a little closer and you start seeing the pieces of the puzzle–a lace blouse, high-waisted zipper shorts, casual sandal heels, and as always, earrings. Then you realize that only my big toe on each foot has faded turquoise nail polish (yes, as in I have not had a pedicure in like 6 decades), bruises on my right knee, calves, and upper part of my left leg—because I obviously do not know how to gracefully fall out of a couple pirouettes before a struggling leap to somehow roll onto the floor in dance class. Even more, my hair had just come out of a bun from ballet class earlier that morning, so it was frizzy and fabulously, not fabulously curly. My hands are wet because I just washed my hands from picking up my dog’s urine that he kindly left at the entrance of the door. Great life. But…an active life. A lifestyle I try to continue sharing.



What Real Vogue Fans Look Like

Image-1 (1)

I think the only time I read Vogue is stretching after ballet classes eating a post-workout granola bar or tangerine or at the dog park (sorry for completely over-posting pictures of my weenie dog, but I’m just trying to get him a little tanner because he’s so white right now…he’s a piebald dachshund just in case you have not seen pictures of him).

Anyway, as I walked in the uptown dog park with my huge Kate Landry tote storing my recent purchase from Whole Foods as of 5 minutes ago, a pint of NadaMoo chocolate ice cream, and Vogue, I pick my usual spot in the corner away from the trees to get my dosage of Vitamin C and D or whatever other millions of health benefits the doctors keep telling me about (pretty much I’m deficient in everything, probably explaining my unusual stories…).

Because I never look shady, I pull out my pint of chocolate ice cream (already thinking of at least 3 excuses to tell the dog park employees if they ask why I have outside food), and start eating away…and of all flavors, I would have chocolate, knowing that chocolate is a death sentence for all dogs. How selfish.

After demolishing my pint of glorious, dairy-free ice cream, I take out my divine book of Vogue and start reading, 10 minutes later, there I am trying to flip the page and realize the dirt that got on the corner of a page.

Marveled, I noticed it was chocolate stains I had spread throughout the pages of beautiful Vogue, like a 5 year old…so proud.

Then I thought to myself, real Vogue fans always have their magazine with them and reading Vogue throughout any activity….baths, stretching, eating, laying out, or in my case, dog parking. So of course, there should be evidence of your active lifestyle among the pages of Vogue!

All to say, I’m sure Vogue is proud and…I’m so happy my subscription comes with a monthly electronic subscription just in case awesome, clumsy people like me smear every author’s precious words in Vogue with chocolate or Lush bath bomb bumbles.

Thanks Vogue for being a part of my life!





Myspace: top 2 friends on my profile

I said this blog was a lifestyle blog from the beginning, which is more than just a page to write opinions or stories, for posting cute recipes (which I will never do because my cooking experiences are epically disastrous), & more than just posting cute outfits, hoping for a million instagram likes. There are more not-so-glamourous things a person does on a day-to-day basis. People have to cook, we brush our teeth, we have stringy, sweaty hair after a good workout, we have shoe disasters in the closet, we have go to the gas station where someone creepy will most likely stop and ask you for money change, & more not-so-fun parts of everyday life, like cleaning our abodes. My man-cave is I guess kind of girly, simple, but lively–at least I hope so. Keeping plants alive is not my strongest suit…but I try. You can see where I spilled the pot outside of my door…because…well…that’s me.

So, here are a few pictures of my house–well, it’s basically one room with a bathtub. Yes, I live in a tiny studio, but I make the best out of it. Leo (my weenie dog) & Toulouse (my cat) are my roommates and are great hosts to all my friends.

As you can see in the pictures, the assets I always have in my habitat are the following:

  1. Vogue on display (on the shelf above the couch)–I have the Vogue coloring book. I would suggest…no, I would encourage, strongly from the bottom of my tiny, empty heart to buy it…it’s utterly divine.
  2. An orchid (because I have a bet with myself every year to keep one alive for at least a year…let’s see how 2017 goes…I already see the petals falling…)
  3. Plants in general…especially in a city where trees are seen less & Tex-mex restaurants are built within 24 hours on every corner.
  4. Fish…as you can see I have two modern aquariums above the kitchen shelving.
  5. Big mirror–this is how I judge my body like Kim Kardashian…just kidding, but really…I watch myself stretch or practice dance, which, is always a hot mess.
  6. Litter box…as you can see the huge plant in the corner by the TV…ya, that’s actually a litter box. The opening is in the back.
  7. Some kind of citrus candle
  8. My piano, no matter how tiny my place is…I can’t live without it.

Enjoy! Feel free to laugh!



Setting Sail

Why? Where? How? Why? wait, which one did I miss?….and What. Ok, cool. Well, I have been writing for years. It started mainly my last year in high school, and I really dove into writing daily during college, especially during classes…you know the whole trick where you are hoping the professor thinks you are taking notes, but in reality, you are writing about how bored you are or about the brown shoes he is wearing with black pants.

I found it interesting to go back and read entries and found a lot of concerns, ideas, or questions, answered and in a way I never imagined. It is almost like when you reread a book or watch a movie over again and you find something new or realize something different. That is how it was with my journals.

It became so much fun explaining in great detail my strange experiences of my life to my roommates and friends in college–what do I mean? Ya, so the punchline of my life pretty much as told to me so many times is “life will never be boring with Laura.” Many of my stories sound unbelievable, so when telling them, people do not believe them unless they really know me or have at least been “prepped” (as in a friend explains about me before their guest meets me, yes that happens).

Having my journal helps relive those funny moments of my life and well, to be honest, I did not start thinking of my journal as an exposé, rather, just a therapeutical way to release so much energy from my head. ha, I know, but you know, just a lot of thoughts out in air and like Dumbledore puts his thoughts in a magical bowl to avoid being overwhelmed, I put mine in a journal. I was never embarrassed of my entries because I literally wrote the thoughts in my head and what happened that day–it is just what it is. So if a pigeon hit my face, it just did (side story, yes that happened).

After I met my best friend’s roommate my last year as an undergraduate, I started reading to him some of my entries, and I realized how much I enjoyed making him laugh, and it was effortless. I literally was just reading what I wrote two years ago or a year ago or even a month ago–I never saw my journal as just a personal safely-kept secret, I thought why not just have other people laugh or think what they want to think about my day and stories–bad or good. I don’t care–it is what it is.

As for Diva David, the name of my blog? Ya, David is my little brother. He’s my favorite and best little brother. I have an older brother as well, and he is my favorite and best older brother. So, that makes me the middle child–poor, lonely, forgotten, middle child. Don’t worry, thanks to both my loving brothers and parents, they made me the most divalicious princess one can ever imagine–definitely, daddy’s little girl. Ya, it’s that bad, but at least I admit it and have always admitted. I even flaunt the fact of how spoiled my brothers and father have treated me my whole life to their faces and ask why? So, it’s not like I begged–it was just given. ha. My brothers are probably shaking their heads right now as they are reading this, but I know they love me so much–it is what it is.

David and I have so many experiences together around the world and he actually believes my unique stories because he happens to be trapped in them, unfortunately for him. And, I still have not explained the name…I felt like I raised David in high school, you know, driving him everywhere, telling him what to wear, social stuff, etc. So when I left him for college and visited him in college, I knew it would bite me in the butt…I made him like me…a diva.

It is nothing private, but David and I fight everyday. everyday. I mean everyday. But in a brotherly loving kind of way, with an extra dosage of sass, which creates great outlets for bonding, strangely enough. We fight because, well, we are both divas, we are confident enough towards each other to share opinions or say no to an outfit. Overall, it means the world to me that my little brother has always asked me questions, and shows so much respect for me, that I cannot think of a better way to describe myself and this blog with any other title but—“Diva David” by me.

So now, instead of writing in my paperback, gold journal that has printed on the front “dream big, sparkle more, shine bright” (I know, diva), I am happy to be writing to the world to make people laugh a little more, think a little more, and connect a little better.

P.S. the picture is David and I in Japan–ya, we both have to be captain, or in other words, we both have to win.