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Tortilla Española-My Version

Everyone who has known me throughout my existence know cooking, kitchen, and any other related words are high risk for me. I've only turned the fire alarm twice at my parent's house, burn toast regularly, eggs sometimes turn out edible, and sometimes I can't tell if chicken is fully cooked or not, and most times… Continue reading Tortilla Española-My Version


Why High Schools Need to Integrate Home Economics as Part of the Curriculum Again

It sounds so old school, baby boomer era--the whole taking home economics class. It was probably seen as an easy A course--a mandatory class no one really wanted to take; but here's the issue: 2017, and the common American teenager is raised with the mother cooking or the maid cooking, the maid or mom making… Continue reading Why High Schools Need to Integrate Home Economics as Part of the Curriculum Again


Through the Broken Glass 

So as you've seen in my first post about my studio apartment and what it looked like, you will find a big, tall mirror with white framing. I've moved apartments three weeks ago, by the way! House warming party soon! Anyway, I love that mirror. I got it on sale and when I put it… Continue reading Through the Broken Glass 

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Happy 4th of July-Are We Standing Strong Today?

I turned to him and asked "don't you think we are the weakest country right now?"

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For the Love of our Phone

Recently, I heard on the radio a quite funny story about a girl who jumped onto the tracks of the New York City subway to retrieve her cell phone that she dropped in a clumsy moment...I thought to myself as I was stuck in traffic, how ridiculous and funny! Then I remembered, who am I to… Continue reading For the Love of our Phone

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From the Archives: Left Behind in Paris

**This post is in the perspectives of two people: David my little brother (Diva David) & the amazing me (Laura Andrea). Feel free to choose sides and, of course, as always....laugh** Me (Laura Andrea):  I was so excited, David was finally going to join me after my hard year of school in Madrid. Our plan… Continue reading From the Archives: Left Behind in Paris