Why High Schools Need to Integrate Home Economics as Part of the Curriculum Again

It sounds so old school, baby boomer era–the whole taking home economics class. It was probably seen as an easy A course–a mandatory class no one really wanted to take; but here’s the issue: 2017, and the common American teenager is raised with the mother cooking or the maid cooking, the maid or mom making lunches, the maid cleaning, the maid ironing, the gardener mowing the lawn, and much more luxuries that years ago, the common kid learned to do as chores. I think you know where I’m going with this–don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Yes, mr./mrs. millennial, I’m talking to you (myself included).

  1. Problem: I wish I knew how to iron the white shirt I borrowed from my college roommate without burning a small hole in it–and the wrinkles still appearing more vibrant as ever. Starch? What? Ya, I’m doing dry cleaning–too bad it’s the same price as a meal…

Answer: Ugh, I now buy clothes that don’t wrinkle….and select a few to go dry cleaning. Even better, those steamer guns are the world’s best invention for us millennials rushing to get to an interview or a cocktail party or just visiting parents–got to always look good for them before they regret letting you go live on your own.

2. Problem: I wish I knew it was NOT safe to microwave glue….

Answer: glue is usually the easiest answer for young ones…. well we are impatient too….that glue gets stuck in the bottle so light bulb in your head goes on…you microwave it for ten seconds…little do you know that the toxic glue in the bottle has a small hole and explodes and is stuck to the walls of the microwave–you’re screwed.

3. Problem: Plants dying. Always trying to keep a trendy apartment–right….you see plants in magazines making the rooms look chic and homey.

Answer: I wish I didn’t have to buy a cactus as home plants and buy a new orchid every week. I either overwater plants or forget sun is vital for these delicate decorations.

4. Problem: I wish I didn’t use duct tape for everything.

Answer: learn how to use nails, sew, or properly fix things…..ya that’s not happening…I guess we have to buy new replacements…

5. Problem: I wish I didn’t have to use safety pins to hold clothes together…

Answer: Learn how to sew a button!

The list goes on forever….

I know I’m not the only one who goes through these thoughts….society and the education system has changed our young minds to think we don’t need that kind of training. It should not be assumed that we learn these basic skills at home, especially today when, as I mentioned before, the common American family has so many more resources now to do the common chore. Kid’s do not know how to mow the lawn, iron, sew, clean with the proper materials or liquids, cook decent meals, and even as basic knowledge of what to do when the sink is clogged. Modern apartment complexes provide great maintenance teams to fix the slightest of problems. Of course, kids are being deprived the basic knowledge of home economics and well, simply, health and safety. I am not saying parents, give your children more chores. hah. Well, maybe. Just a thought about why those kind of courses were taken out of the education system.

Now, if you excuse me…I have to go rewash my laundry…putting a wool blanket with the rest of your laundry….bad idea. Dryer sheets? Are those important?



Through the Broken Glass 

So as you’ve seen in my first post about my studio apartment and what it looked like, you will find a big, tall mirror with white framing. I’ve moved apartments three weeks ago, by the way! House warming party soon! Anyway, I love that mirror. I got it on sale and when I put it in my car, well I guess, stuffed it in my car is a more accurate description, I was so proud. I know the worth of these mirrors–pricey, but worth it. I use the big mirror to watch myself stretch, practice dance routines, see if my hair flips are getting a little bit sassier, watch to see if my facial expressions are not getting more awkward, and if my splits have pointed toes. All of which I’m not sure if I’ve improved–but I try. I remember having Friends in the background on Netflix, some bootylicious song by Jlo turned on, and my Fiji water to my right–the norm.

Well, sorry for the long, boring introduction, but I wanted to make sure it was understood how much this mirror means to me–well…meant.

I was in bed, trying to go to sleep, I was almost there, I was already seeing Ryan Gosling and chocolate under a tree with my named carved on the trunk, and bam! I jumped out of bed (and out of the fantastic dream), and there’s my huge mirror crashed and scattered all over the living room floor of which one could see the couch arm cut through the middle of the mirror like a knife to the heart. I looked down, then saw my dog, then my cat…my dog runs into his crate…”I’ll worry about it in the morning.” (Yes, they were rolling around fighting and hit the mirror)

The next morning, I woke up, and walked out to the living room. What?! It’s true. It wasn’t a dream…shards of glass scattered and the big mirror frame falling apart. One of my best friends comes to me and says, “it’s time to clean it up.”

Me: “are you sure?”

As I saw my dog wagging his tail, and his big, brown eyes staring at me, I sighed.

As my best friend is sweeping around to get a million tiny pieces that had reached all the way to the door, I bent down and started picking up pieces I thought looked pretty and putting them in a box, not the trash. He looked at me and instead of saying how ridiculous I was, he bent down and started helping me find the unique, pretty pieces, as well.

I told him I could make something out of this.

Again, I was a little surprised he did not give me a “you’re weird, don’t waste your time” remark, but instead kept helping me find pieces.

He would tell me “watch out, that piece is too dangerous.

Throw this one away, it’s not pretty, it won’t look good.

Look, this one is cool, here.

What about this one?”

This is how a person’s life can be described. God has a beautiful mirror, you, and it shatters by sometimes variables that are uncontrollable or at least seem to be, and it shatters to far places. To me, I was sad that what I thought was useful and beautiful was just instantly gone, but God knows the value of the mirror. He starts picking up beautiful pieces and puts them aside to make something even more beautiful.

He takes out the pieces that are too dangerous, parts of my life that bring danger to my lifestyle and affect my decisions in a negative way. Then He picks out the pieces that cover up the beauty–pieces He says are ugly in my life, pieces I don’t need so I can look more radiant. He starts sweeping away the pieces of glass that seem to affect places so far away, all the way to the door, just like all the way to the beginning of this stage in life. He keeps the beautiful, unique pieces and throws away the ugly and dangerous.

When I may even want to hold on to the broken past, He says it’s time, and picks up the box of ugly and harmful–throws it away–forever.

I texted my human father (hehe), residing in Texas. I told him what had happened a day after–like if I didn’t want to admit what happened or just ashamed. He responded, “it’s ok, it happens, I’ve been through the same, buy a new one, I’ll help you.”

That’s exactly what our Heavenly Father says to us everyday.

As for my friend who helped me pick up the broken pieces, let’s remember to appreciate the people in our lives. Some people we may not even notice how they affect our life until they are gone. Let’s not be blinded and disregard those who care about us.

God will always help you if you ask, He will always be there if you allow Him, and He will always protect you from harm if you trust Him. No matter what, He sees you as a valuable gem and a beautiful creature of love.

What’s your definition of beauty and value?

P.S. Don’t forget to laugh a little more.

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Happy 4th of July-Are We Standing Strong Today?

I know it’s the fifth of July, but I was wanting to spend my fourth hanging out with my brother, Leo, and friends eating an all-american hamburger, being outside, and playing board games to end the night with wine-because we’re old. Just kidding, we are all in our twenties, but anyway…

After going through my documents in my google docs of previous essays, case studies, and other research I had done for school about economics & politics, only because I was looking for my most recent resume, I realized something very sad.

I was in the car discussing with my brother about this sad thought. To reassure my thought, I was scrolling through twitter, facebook, and instagram…even more sad.

I turned to him and asked “don’t you think we are the weakest country right now?”

I think the American people are weak right now, but I am hopeful, which is why I also join in the president of the United States saying “let’s make America great again!” Why do I say all this, and will I get many attacks about this post?

If this was truly a free country, I should not. I welcome opinions and feedback, though, there is a difference. I see all over social media and the news, slander about people feeling disrespected, put down, and discriminated? What and why?

I am confused. Americans are saying yes to freedom of speech, so they preach what they want to preach, but when they do start opinionating, they feel oppression and get called out–and the complaining starts or the fighting. All lives matter.

I believe there are extremists, who can elevate something so valiantly fought for into something dangerous; however, instead of complaining about politics, go vote. Instead of hiding behind mobile devices and cyberbullying the leaders of America, go sacrifice privacy, be ready for constant public scrutiny, rumors, and threats if you get elected for ANY position in the United States.

I am not saying who I voted for or names, but I will say I support my country. I support the United States. It is embarrassing when I travel the world, and I have to explain to people asking me about where the American loyalty lies and if we will have a civil war again. Why turn against each other?

Many people do not even know who their state senator is or what their views are currently.

Instead of following up on the next meme, flash news on a magazine, or a public television station that is funded by people who have certain opinions—think for yourself. Yes, I think everyone should have opinions, but they should know why they believe in what they believe, not just because a crowd suggests it or even family.

I am an advocate for many different things and have many opinions. As a minority, I feel especially blessed to be in this country and try in all my power to participate.

Years ago, I was offered many times to be a part of an ethnic-specific sorority, but I chose to be in a sorority open to all–I did not want to segregate myself. Just an example of what Americans do to themselves at a young age.

Are you a true American? Vote. Many people do not have that option in their country. Unite, don’t make fun of people. How does putting down a first lady’s outfit or speech all over social media prove to the world how strong America is? How does making fun of our leaders promote strength, courage, and sacrifice that the men and women who serve our country promote, laying down their lives?

Either go vote, enlist, research, think for yourself, and support, regardless of mixed opinions, by doing so, you are fighting for our country. You can be a leader.

Let’s make America great again. Unite for the big picture and support.



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From the Archives: So You Think You Are a Starbucks Fan? Lessons Never Learned.

“Ready, Set, COFFEE…and GO!” seems to be the riddle of everyday life for most people. Why do we need coffee? Why do we like it so much? Why does it look good in pictures? Why can just one cup of coffee get 1M likes on instagram? Is it a god from the divine serenity of Mother Nature?

I started drinking coffee since…well let’s just say, I remember sitting in the front seat of my father’s truck…well, I always had preference and my brothers were always sent to the back because…well that’s the way it should be right? Running to the truck from the kitchen because time was always of the essence for school, my dad would start the engine, take a right turn out of the neighborhood, drive through exactly one stoplight to get to my destination–no, not school, duh, Starbucks! Everyday, from day one of Junior High until I could start driving years later–tall, white chocolate macchiato…my dad had the order memorized…shortly, thereafter, the order became tall, nonfat, soy, chai tea latte, dirty…then we could continue driving towards my non-priority stop–school. I drank my coffee black at home, but at Starbucks I ordered different because it was like going to buy a bottle of water…you pick the prettiest bottle, of course.

Just to set the tone, yes, I love coffee, no matter what.

So, once upon a time, my parents decided to take our yearly vacation trip…this year, Guatemala…absolutely fabulous, definitely recommend the adoring country, so just go, cool, thanks! Anyway, at that time of my life, I was in the years of having a bottomless stomach, so eating was an every two seconds thing, and if I did not get food, well…I would find my resources…like what I did in Guatemala.

As tourist, we went to their annual coffee festival in, as I have emphasized, the amazing country of Guatemala. The people are so divinely friendly, angelical to say the least, offering coffee almonds, coffee this, coffee that, practically any food with coffee…all free…all given like presents as I walk towards every stand to see the different beans and exhibitions laid out–like a queen, no…a princess. So I had a lot, and I even had many pure coffee beans just to taste, but I ate them like blueberries, just popping them in my mouth.

As I asked about 200 times when lunch was going to be, my family finally landed at a quaint restaurant near the festival. I obviously had my fabulous appetizer from the festival, but I was ready to eat hard core, now.

We sat down, I started pouring the bottled water into the glass, but I was spilling..my hands were shaking…I’m just looking around to see if anyone noticed but…naw…

I started feeling weird like if my heart was pumping twice as hard, but for some reason (and trust me it was not like the Grinch, where I became unsassy and sweet all of a sudden), I translated that into “maybe, I just need to pee?” So, I excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom…for about 30 min…my father knocks on the door: “umm, Laura? is everything ok? The food is ready, and…well, it’s been awhile. Are you sick?”

Sorry if this is TMI, but I was sitting on the toilet (it was a small bathroom like half the size of a walk-in closet at a studio apartment), with the toilet seat closed, fully clothed don’t worry, I was not doing anything because as it turned out I did not have to pee, I just felt numb around my legs. I tried standing up, and…I fell. I opened the bathroom door stumbling on my legs and my dad has the whole “are you drunk again face?” (which obviously not at my age). He could tell I was breathing strangely, just huffing and puffing like I had ran a marathon and won, of course. I stumbled on a nearby sofa in the waiting area of the restaurant with the help of my father.

Bam, I couldn’t move my legs at all at this point. I remember looking at them and punching them just to make sure I could feel pain, which I could, but I could not move them. I was more worried about that than the tour guide, who was trained as a nurse, unable to get a pulse because my heartbeat was going so fast.

The next best thing was to take a taxi to the nearest hospital because at that point I’m on the point of passing out and looking at stars in the corners of my eyes. As they picked me up and threw me in the back seat of the taxi (because an ambulance is just out of the question where we were located), we finally arrive to a clinic. They roll me in on a bed, and the nurses immediately poke my arm with an IV, which at that point my arms had zero sensation, so pretty much all I could do was blink. I went through two bags of IV fluids. The nurses told me I needed to pee to get out all the caffeine. That seemed simple enough, but wait…I can’t move…

So yes, they hand me the plastic bucket that forms to my fabulous rear, and I was expected to pee in front of them on the bed in the bucket without moving my legs for a better target…one of the weirdest experiences in my life.

Don’t fret, fifteen minutes later after a heart test with all the wires stuck to my chest to make sure my heart was not in danger of a future heart attack from the shock my heart had, I walked, no, I skipped out of the hospital ready to eat my meal that was clearly gone…yes, only 15 minutes…so I had to wait for breakfast, my favorite meal of the day.

My breakfast the next day?

Fruit and of course, coffee 🙂

Here I am today, drinking my second cup of coffee by the way…

Lessons to not be learned:

  1. If you can’t feel your legs, then you’ll probably end up peeing in a bucket with an audience.
  2. I was about 100 pounds at the age of 13 or 14, so definitely take into consideration how much of anything you consume.
  3. Guatemalan coffee is still my preferred choice, and I still buy the whole beans, so I can grind them myself and leave my habitat rejuvenated…I guess it’s my version of yoga?

What’s your lesson not learned? 

**As for the picture, I had a weird time in my life when I had a fascination of circles, dots, or bubbles, explaining my outfit in the picture, and of course, I would be smiling, as my mom is crying in the corner. Furthermore, my whole room back at home had dots and circles on the walls, and by the way, my walls were lime green…yes, I was a freak…well, I still am as a 24 year old, I guess…but hey, YOU BE YOU :)**


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For the Love of our Phone

Recently, I heard on the radio a quite funny story about a girl who jumped onto the tracks of the New York City subway to retrieve her cell phone that she dropped in a clumsy moment…I thought to myself as I was stuck in traffic, how ridiculous and funny! Then I remembered, who am I to say ridiculous when I’ve done not one, but a million ridiculous moments with my beloved iphone.

The most recent tragedy of embarrassment, well not for me, but for my family, was at the airport in Vienna, Austria. I went to the ladies room before boarding the plane because God knows how horrendous it is to be in that tiny box called a toilet, bouncing up and down in the plane.

Anyway, I set down my tote, but of course, my phone is safely put away in the safest place, my hand. Sorry if this is TMI, but as I start flushing the toilet, my hip had bumped the corner of the toilet paper box and there goes my phone flying into the waves of the toilet.  I cannot believe how my first instinct was to just reach down to grab it, and as the flush was a strong force, I found myself fighting for my phone from being sucked into the toilet’s sucking pipes and roaring waves…dramatic, I know…and gross.

Because I was so smart, I thought to myself, yes!… I saved my phone. Of course, this bright young lady, myself, forgot that…well…water stabs electronic devices in the heart…and as my phone was literally swimming in a torment of toilet water, no amount of rice was going to heal this phone; yet, there I am rushing out of the stall and holding my sacred phone under the most modern hand dryer. I know all the German spoken amongst the women, watching me jump out from the stall and yelling at myself, were commentating about my amazing smartness.  I actually remember a little girl making eye contact at me for like ten seconds…awkward. I’m sure her mother told her “stay away from crazy people like her,” but again, I don’t speak German, so maybe she was commenting on my Antonio Melani wedges. **I’m sorry, America, for being a bad ambassador that day.**

As I’m walking out the bathroom, my brother is waiting right outside and simply asks, “now what happened?” Of course, that’s always the question when you’re right outside a women’s bathroom and hear “Crap! Oh my gosh! Why!?”

I so wanted to snapchat, text, and instagram stalk my friends before boarding…and I guess magic happened…because one year later…my phone was still working perfectly fine…

And, do not worry, I lysoled, cloroxed, and prayed all the germs and grossness were off my amazing phone.

Maybe, my iphone had some Nokia genes in it or something…

Or…as Joey on “Friends” puts it as Rosita, the chair, dies…if you are pure and you’re heart is set on something, miracles can happen…like my phone.


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From the Archives: Left Behind in Paris

**This post is in the perspectives of two people: David my little brother (Diva David) & the amazing me (Laura Andrea). Feel free to choose sides and, of course, as always….laugh**

Me (Laura Andrea): 

I was so excited, David was finally going to join me after my hard year of school in Madrid. Our plan was to stay in Madrid for a few days, then go adventure all of Europe! Sounds like the dream, right? Well…first stop Paris. Take note David has not been in Europe since he was little, so I was excited to catch him up on all my favorite things in Madrid and friends I made around Europe, who we were going to meet again. 

Ehh…I guess I gave David a first bad impression of my lifestyle in Europe from the past year because the first flight together to Paris was at 5 am, so obviously, having to get there a tad bit early, David had to bring his huge, luggage, big enough to be stopped and asked to pay 100 euros for his carry-on (shake my head). So that takes time…not to mention there was a huge gate change…literally, we had heads turning as people watch two people, us, sprinting across the airport, looking like zombies, of course, at 5 freaking in the morning. 

So, after David drained my pockets from money to pay for his carry-on and after having a mini-marathon to get to the correct gate, we finally, crash onto the crappiest seats on the crappiest plane, probably made my paper mache…at walmart…in the jungle. I don’t know. It just was the whole “what did we do?” thoughts that made David & I pass out because we didn’t care…we were exhausted. 

After we met our friend in Paris and had a wonderful day, we planned to go meet another friend at the Eiffel Tower the next day by the river and have lunch! Oui oui oui yay yay yay! I was used to the fast metro system from living in Madrid for quite some time, everyone pushing and shoving, everyone cramming in the metro as fast as superman…well the Paris metro was & probably still is very sketchy, dirty, and looked like “ok, this is where we die part of a really bad murder movie.”

I buy David and I our metro tickets to get into the metro and there it is…the metro happened to be there, perfect timing, and as it was later in the day, there were less stops. It would take another 10 minutes if we let this metro go. So I’m like “David come on! Open the gate!” After I get on the metro, the doors close and sigh of relief…We made it on. let’s go home. 

“Hey, David, can you give me some water”?


I look around, where the heck is he? I just saw him. I look out the window of the metro train and see his face in shock….and the metro starts moving…we are both watching each other pass by…no phone, David does not know Paris, he is going to get shanked, raped, and murdered…what have I done?….

Why did he do this to me!? I am going to get zero inheritance money from my parents when they find out I killed him!


Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah. Let me tell you guys, the year was 2013, and I had so much planned for the summer. My dad and sister had the genius idea of sending me to Spain to visit my sister for a couple of weeks where we would take on the European Union and travel like a couple of chump tourists. I was super excited and went with the mindset of getting to see some amazing cities and spend some quality time with my sister, since she decided to study a billion miles away….I don’t get it since you can literally take online classes from any part of the world, but you know what, I am supportive and we made some…uhhh… interesting memories.

So after traveling around a few parts in Spain, our next stop was to Paris! Ahhh yes, Paris sounds amazing, right? Well, Paris itself was not too fun since all that could go wrong went wrong!

The first sign of rough times began as soon as we got to the airport, and we were literary about 15 minutes from boarding the freaking plane when a flight attendant or minion from the worst airline, which is what Laura and I determined they actually were, was telling me I had to pay a hundred bucks in order to take my carry-on up on the plane, which was literary barely larger than my backpack. We had no time, it was 5am, and my sister has no patience when it comes to waiting up on me. And if you are thinking I had to pay that money…I cheerfully handed that money to the lady and said, “I hope you are happy” and walked off.

Getting to Paris, of course you have to check out the sites, go to some over priced stores, and have a Nutella filled crepe that is like the best food in the world without a doubt. At the end of the day, it was late and I was tired, Laura was tired, and we were just tired of looking at each other and having to “watch out” for each other. In my mind, I am her protector, yet in her little bodied mind, who could not fight off an average male, mentally, she believed she was my protector, which of course did not make sense to me…but you know, it does not matter to me since she constantly pushes my buttons on purpose in order to persuade me.

Anyways, we were getting ready to hop on a train, yet there are gates that will not allow you to enter without a ticket, which I had both of them since I like to think I am the responsible one. I pushed the first ticket through, which opens the doors, yet you have to wait for the ticket to come out of the other side before placing MY ticket in the machine to get it properly stamped; however, before I know it…. my sister is already on the train, the doors start to close, I sprint literary trying to prawn open the doors with my hands and she just waves at me….seriously?! like waves at me like, “oh sorry! Too slow and you suck David”. But since we had no cellphones, I had no idea what stop the train was going towards, I decided to take a leap of faith and hop on the next train…. obviously….I was angry. Here I am, staying organized, she doesn’t even take a look to see if I have gotten on the train until the doors closed.

I mean…who is really at fault here? Then I thought, “crap…. what am I going to tell my parents?” and there goes all my opportunities to travel alone.

**Afterthoughts by Laura Andrea: So…..Yeah…laugh a little more, cherish your relationships because you may lose them on trains, metros, or any other kind of transportation…**

Peace and love,

Laura Andrea

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