Through the Broken Glass 

So as you've seen in my first post about my studio apartment and what it looked like, you will find a big, tall mirror with white framing. I've moved apartments three weeks ago, by the way! House warming party soon! Anyway, I love that mirror. I got it on sale and when I put it… Continue reading Through the Broken Glass 


93 Days of Summer: My Turquoise Heels

YOU BE YOU Yes, that's mud on my heels, worn out, but with many memories. My lifestyle is active, and I actually walk, walking the streets of Mexico, Florida, and Vienna with these Steve Madden Turquoise heels, which I got half-off. I found these babies as I was walking down the magnificent streets of what… Continue reading 93 Days of Summer: My Turquoise Heels


93 Days of Summer

YOU BE YOU Entering summer is fun and can get creative! Find your taste and fly with it! You be You! Fashion is more than the latest trend, it's about style and personality, more importantly, it's about your style and personality--so, express it!