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Captain Morgan’s Wife

**From the Archives: 2010** I opened my eyes, took a deep breathe, felt peaceful, and watched seagulls loud, screeching, flying about, and as I am a little bit disoriented, I could not decide for the life of me if the half-destroyed, ancient fort to my left was operating or people just liked to go inside for… Continue reading Captain Morgan’s Wife

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From the Archives: Spain’s Victim

Again note: I understand & apologize for the poor writing, grammar, and punctuation skills.--*written in the past, unedited, from my journals, put in public for thoughts & laughter."  February 21, 2013 So I guess I'm totally zoned out because the teacher is speaking Spanish & I'm writing in English...or I have discovered something fantastic haha...I can "speak/listen/think"… Continue reading From the Archives: Spain’s Victim


Setting Sail

I knew it would bite me in the butt...I made him like me...a diva.